How Big Is the Demand?

The demand for dumpster rental businesses has never been higher

The American economy is in the throes of a building boom. Despite all of the challenges created by the post-COVID economy, including supply chain issues and labor shortages, the construction industry is experiencing consistent month-over-month growth that is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

According to JobSite, a website that covers the latest trends and industry news related to the construction industry, “non-residential construction will grow by 4.6% in 2022, while a 9% growth is expected in the residential sector.”

waste management businesses

Residential construction cannot be completed fast enough. According to MarketWatch, “a surge in building permits” is leading to big increases in new home construction, but the industry cannot keep up with the demand.

“U.S. home builders face a growing backlog of construction projects they haven’t started work on, which should continue to pump supply into the housing market in 2022,” MarketWatch reports.

All of these projects, large and small, need dumpsters. And this is exceptional news for redbox+ Dumpsters franchise owners.

The surge in construction activity is fueling the demand for dumpster rental services

According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 8,000 pounds of waste are created during the construction of a 2,000 sq. ft. home. And it’s not just homes that create enormous amounts of waste. According to Science Direct, 30% of building materials on any construction site might end up as waste, and the Environmental Protection Agency reports that 75% of construction site materials, including wood, drywall, asphalt shingles, bricks, and clay tiles, end up in landfills.

That’s a lot of dumpsters – and delivering the right type of dumpster to meet the exact needs of the project is where redbox+ Dumpsters excels.

75% of construction site materials end up in landfills infographics

The redbox+ Dumpsters Difference

Why contractors and homeowners choose redbox+ Dumpsters over the competition

Imagine you’re a custom home builder and you’re all set to begin work on a new jobsite. Your company has been tasked with tearing down an existing home in order to build a beautiful new home on the same plot of land.

You’re going to need to make two phone calls before you get started. One to rent dumpsters, and another to rent portable toilets to take care of your workers.

This scenario is happening all over the country.

Redbox+ Dumpsters was founded to make lives easier for contractors by turning what used to be two phone calls into one. Our patented roll-off dumpster and portable toilet combination is the only product of its kind in the industry, and it significantly reduces the headaches that contractors have to deal with on a jobsite.

“We’re offering a solution that contractors really need,” says Lyle Blanchard, VP of marketing. “Our product is a better mousetrap when it comes to the roll off dumpsters, because we have that combination of portable restroom and roll-off container. Think about it from this perspective, if you need both those services on the job site, it’s a single phone call. That’s a big selling point.”

The competition cannot match the quality and level of service that redbox+ Dumpsters provides

The waste removal services and dumpster rental industries are rife with independent operators who do not have access to the same level of equipment, training, and technology as redbox+ Dumpsters owners have. Most importantly, no other competitor can match the level of products and customer service that redbox+ Dumpsters provides.

For starters, redbox+ Dumpsters offers four different kinds of dumpsters that range in size and ability. Additionally, all of the initial dumpsters redbox+ Dumpsters owners receive are powder-coated red, which means they will look great on job sites for years to come.

All of our dumpsters are hauled in and rolled away on custom Kenworth trucks. Our trucks are not only designed to handle our four different types of dumpsters but also to clean out and haul away the portable toilets on our elite dumpster model. This makes redbox+ Dumpsters a one-stop-shop for contractors, and it’s one more example of why redbox+ Dumpsters is a cut above the competition.

“No other brand in the industry can keep up with redbox+ Dumpsters,” Blanchard says. “No other brand is rolling up in custom Kenworth trucks. No other brand has a patented dumpster and portable toilet combo that actually makes life easier for the people who need our services. And no other brand has the backing of BELFOR Franchise Group.”

We offer the solutions that our customers need

Here’s a breakdown of our dumpsters:

mini-dumpster image


This small roll-off dumpster is the perfect quick clean out dumpster for weekend projects. With its small footprint and ease of delivery, this unit can fit just about anywhere.

Standard dumpster image

Standard dumpster:

Perfect for small to mid-sized projects. From roofing to small construction projects, the standard dumpster continues to be the most popular dumpster among both homeowners and construction workers alike.

Suburban dumpster image

Suburban dumpster:

Designed to fit on the average driveway, this model is perfect for residential projects such as remodeling and clean-outs. This model allows for more capacity in tighter spaces.

Elite dumpster image

Elite dumpster:

This is the dumpster that truly sets redbox+ Dumpsters apart from all others in the industry. With its patented two-in-one design, our roll-off dumpster and portable toilet combination is the perfect solution for contractors completing medium and large-scale residential and commercial projects.

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