How Much Does it Cost?

Redbox+ Dumpsters franchise is an asset-heavy, labor-light investment opportunity

One of the biggest unknowns of any new business venture is determining if the investment is a safe bet. In today’s climate, with tremendous labor market volatility and skyrocketing expenses of brick and mortar businesses, investing in a business that needs labor and a storefront to grow is not a safe bet.

On the other hand, investing in a business that is based on hard assets and meets an evergreen demand is not only more recession-resistant, but it can also be a much smarter move over the long-term. This is what makes redbox+ Dumpsters a truly different type of franchise opportunity.

image showing redbox+ 2-in-1 trucks are patented

Redbox+ Dumpsters franchise owners benefit from a business model that is asset-heavy and labor-light. This means that the majority of costs of ownership are associated with hard assets that retain value, can be utilized for many years, and can aid in the continued profit potential and growth of the business.

The total costs of ownership to open a redbox+ Dumpsters franchise range from $654,000 to $840,763, and include the hard assets needed to launch the business:

  • A custom Kenworth tandem truck
  • A minimum of 32 initial dumpsters

The benefit of an asset-heavy, labor-light business model means that the initial dumpsters you start out with can continue to work for you as you buy more dumpsters and purchase additional territories. The only labor requirements that you need to fulfill are for a driver to place the dumpsters on the site, pick up the dumpsters when they are ready to be emptied, and return them to the job site to begin the process again.

“Redbox+ Dumpsters is an attractive investment because you know in advance what your fixed costs are going to be,” says Steve Jahner, Regional Business Coach. “You know what your small business loan costs will be, the costs of your truck, your fuel costs, the costs of your driver, and so on. Other businesses have much more fluctuation in terms of ongoing costs, which hampers their ability to project their revenue potential. Redbox+ Dumpsters is the exact opposite, and that’s a big advantage from the perspective of a business owner who wants to grow.”

redbox+ truck in snowy area

Owning a redbox+ Dumpsters franchise can be made more affordable with financing

We have great relationships with third-party lenders, which can make investing in a redbox+ Dumpsters franchise more affordable. Because redbox+ Dumpsters is part of BELFOR Franchise Group, lenders are often more comfortable with our franchisees because we have a proven record.

We offer discounts for Military Veterans

Military Veterans make exceptional entrepreneurs. The ability to follow systems, proven leadership skills, and a natural drive to succeed are key qualities veterans often possess that also make for ideal redbox+ Dumpsters franchise owners. We proudly offer discounts on our initial franchise fee to all qualified military veterans. We thank you for your service. Contact us to learn more.

Want a deeper dive into the costs and fees associated with owning a redbox+ Dumpsters franchise?

To get a deeper understanding of how much it costs to start a waste removal business with redbox+ Dumpsters, please review Item 7 from our most recent franchise disclosure document below:

Type of ExpenditureLowHighType of ExpenditureMethod of PaymentPayment Payable To:
Initial Franchise Fee$59,500$59,500Lump SumAt Signing of the Franchise AgreementAt Signing of the Franchise Agreement
Truck, Equipment, and Initial Containters$524,742$624,855Lump SumBefore OpeningThird-Party Providers / RedBox+ International, LLC
Transportation$10,000$40,000Lump SumBefore OpeningThird-Party Providers
Container Assembly / Set-Up Fee$4,000$4,000Lump SumBefore OpeningRedBox+ International, LLC
Proprietary GPS Tracking System and Point of Sale/ CRM Software Package$1,209$1,209Lump SumBefore OpeningRedBox+ International, LLC
Technology Fee$1,500$1,500Lump SumBefore OpeningRedBox+ International, LLC
Computer Equipment and Software$3,000$5,000Lump SumBefore OpeningThird-Party Providers
Rent and Utility
$0$30,000As IncurredBefore OpeningLandlord / Utility Providers
Insurance Deposits and
$10,200$17,850As ArrangedBefore OpeningInsurance Company
Pre-Opening Travel
$1,000$3,000As IncurredBefore OpeningThird-Party Providers (Airline/Hotel/Restaurant)
Redbox+ Quick Start Marketing Program$6,400$6,400As IncurredBefore OpeningThird-Party Providers\ RedBox+ International, LLC
Professional Fees$2,250$5,750As ArrangedBefore OpeningThird-Party Providers (Attorneys / Accountants)
Business Permits and
$250$1,000As IncurredBefore OpeningFederal, State and Local Government Agencies
Office and Small
$750$1,500As IncurredBefore OpeningThird-Party Providers
Promotional Package$4,199$4,199As IncurredBefore OpeningRedBox+ International, LLC
Additional Funds – 3
$25,000$35,000As IncurredAfter OpeningEmployees, Suppliers, etc.

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