redbox+ Dumpsters Market Resiliency Positions Brand for Growth in 2023

Roll-off Dumpster Rental Business Maintains Strong Retention Rate Earning Several Franchise Industry Accolades

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Since its inception, redbox+ Dumpsters has become the answer to the construction, renovation, and restoration industries’ woes on how to keep job sites clean and efficient. While it also offers traditional roll-off dumpsters, the company is best known for its patented combination portable toilet and roll-off dumpster container that brings added convenience and efficiency to any job site.

The past 12 months have led to strong performance for redbox+ Dumpsters due to the increased demand for home renovations in the construction segment,, coupled with the brand’s promise to deliver its innovative roll-off dumpsters on time. The company closed out 2022 with upwards of 300 franchise territories and more than 80 franchisees across the country. In addition, it has continued to hold a 90 percent retention rate with contract partners and its position as a market differentiator in an economically resilient sector. In 2023, redbox+ Dumpsters is expecting another year of double-digit unit growth by adding individuals to the franchise system who have a desire to be a part of the brand’s upward growth trajectory, be independent and are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.

Starting 2023 off strong, redbox+ Dumpsters has been recognized as number one in its category and in the top half of Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘Franchise 500’ list. Within the past year, the brand was also placed on Franchise Dictionary Magazine’s annual list of the “Top 100 Game Changers”. After reviewing hundreds of entries, Franchise Dictionary Magazine’s editorial team selected redbox+ Dumpsters as a brand that has changed the game, further proving its innovative product line has positioned the brand as a disruptor in its segment.

Additionally, much of redbox+ Dumpsters’ expansion in recent years can be attributed to being acquired by BELFOR Franchise Group, a family of 13 industry-leading residential and commercial service brands owned by the worldwide restoration leader BELFOR Property Restoration. The relationship has brought redbox+ Dumpsters franchise owners tangible benefits and further solidified the brand as one of the most trusted names in the business. This has allowed entrepreneurs to build successful businesses in their local community as a result of BELFOR’s built-in expansive knowledge, operational expertise, and ecosystem of connections in the service industry. So far, the home office team has added three new regional business coaches and a marketing coordinator to support franchisees as the brand scales toward a national footprint.

“We are extremely excited about the growth we’ve seen in the past few years and the growth we see ahead of us,” said Rusty Amarante, president of redbox+ Dumpsters. “A turnkey business model combined with an innovative concept like ours sets franchisees up for success. It’s incredible to see how we are making a positive impact on people’s lives by giving them the opportunity to build a successful business in their communities.”

redbox+ Dumpsters is continuing to expand with qualified candidates who have a passion for owning their own business, are committed to following a proven business model, and want to be part of the redbox+ Dumpsters culture focused on customer care.

redbox+ Dumpsters Franchise Review: Meet Bob V

Owner of the redbox+ Dumpsters waste management franchise in North Nashville opens up about what he loves about his business

Bob V was looking for a franchise opportunity with the competitive edge. When he came across the redbox+ Dumpsters franchise opportunity, he knew right away that he found his match.

redbox+ franchise opportunity

“I really felt that redbox+ Dumpsters had a unique business opportunity, with a competitive advantage when compared to other companies in the waste management industry,” Bob says. “Having a sales background, it felt like the perfect fit.”

Bob recently acquired a redbox+ Dumpsters location in north Nashville, Tennessee, marking his first opportunity in business ownership. In this wide-ranging interview, Bob talks about why the redbox+ Dumpsters model works, what sets the company apart for competitors, and why aspiring entrepreneurs should take a serious look at investing.

What attracted you to the redbox+ Dumpsters model?

When I was looking at business opportunities, I didn’t want to follow what everyone else was doing. I wanted an opportunity with great growth potential that offered solid margins, added revenue streams and had a unique platform.

Did you specifically look for a franchise opportunity?

I never set out looking for a franchise, but after researching and seeing how streamlined the business model is, I’m glad I went down this path. I would have had a difficult time in waste management without having any experience and taking on this endeavor without a clear blueprint for me to follow.

How stable is the waste management industry?

Trash will be here forever. And the industry has a lot of consumers and is only growing. So when you have a unique business that offers a service that is unprecedented in the industry, you’re able to set yourself apart from the others, because there is a lot of competition out there. But we’re able to distinguish ourselves from everyone else and show the true value of our services.

What sets redbox+ Dumpsters apart?

When I was researching redbox+ Dumpsters, I showed some friends who work in construction the brand’s concept – the idea of a portable toilet attached to a dumpster – and my friends were blown away; they thought it was the greatest idea. And now, all of our customers love the concept and see the value – not just from a worksite efficiency standpoint, but also the cost savings.

How would you describe the work-life balance at redbox+ Dumpsters?

In my previous job, I traveled quite a bit, almost half the year on the road, so spending more time with my family was important to me. And, just as important, I wanted something to pass onto my family, something we can all be excited about, build and grow, that is family-oriented.

What are your hopes for your business going forward?

I want to provide a quality and valued service to our customers, and grow our business and expand it across different markets throughout Middle Tennessee.

Why would you recommend redbox+ Dumpsters to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

We’re in an industry that is going to see a tremendous amount of growth, and this business model is truly recession-resistant. And, we’re an essential industry because our service doesn’t have an end in sight. On top of that, innovation is hard to come by in waste management, yet redbox+ Dumpsters is offering not only the ability to set yourself apart from the competition, but also be part of an industry that is experiencing growth.

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Why redbox+ Dumpsters Franchise Stands Out in the Waste Management Industry

VP of Marketing discusses a waste management business investment

The redbox+ Dumpsters franchise story is very much the story of the American dream. What started out as a sketch on a notebook, redbox+ Dumpsters has since evolved into an industry innovator in the competitive and booming waste management industry. Over the years, redbox+ Dumpsters has built its name and reputation on a patented roll-off dumpster and portable toilet product, as well as best-in-class Kenworth trucks custom designed for redbox+ Dumpsters.

redbox+ franchise story

“Redbox+ Dumpsters is a site service solution for the construction world, as well as for residential use,” says Lyle Blanchard, Vice President of Marketing. “But really, redbox+ Dumpsters is the only company that offers a combination portable restroom, roll-off container in America today.”

In this wide-ranging interview, Blanchard talks about why redbox+ Dumpsters thrives in the waste management industry, the brand’s specialized products and why now is the time to invest.

What sets redbox+ Dumpsters apart in the waste management industry?

Really, our patented portable restroom and roll-off container gives us a huge advantage because any work site is going to need both of those services. We’re providing a worker-focused site service; you get the restroom, and you’ve got the roll-off container. It’s really just a matter of efficiency; you don’t need to leave the site to use the restroom or call another company to rent one. It’s all right there.

And you also put a major emphasis on customer care, right?

Absolutely. We’re locally owned and operated in every one of our locations throughout the United States. And so you actually are talking to an owner when you call, unlike some of the mega-waste industry companies, where you are going to be routed throughout the entire call system. With us, you’re going to talk to somebody who has a vested interest in serving you and your project.

And redbox+ Dumpsters also just rolled out new Kenworth trucks. Can you talk about that?

Oh yeah! They are outfitted to be able to handle all of our product lines. We’re rolling state-of-the-art equipment from Kenworth, and we actually have some concierge programming that’s in place with Kenworth dealerships throughout the country, and that’s another benefit as well.

How do you become a top-performing redbox+ Dumpsters franchisee?

You have to be someone who understands that in the service industry, customer service counts. The ideal franchise candidate should really have a commitment to the customer care standard – someone who will take a late phone call and react to it in a positive way. We’re in an industry that’s plagued with subpar service in many ways. And I think one of the things that separates redbox+ Dumpsters is that we are there when you need us, no matter when.

What are some of the advantages of being part of the BELFOR Franchise Group?

I’m a big believer that people matter. And I think the team that came through the BELFOR Franchise Group is high on ethics, and they do what they say they’re going to do. And also, the ability to take a family approach across all the different services that come out of the BFG brands. I think that’s a value that we never had before, without a doubt. But again, ultimately, it’s people. They’re pretty fantastic.

Why is now a good time to invest in redbox+ Dumpsters?

Because people have an opportunity to build a business. With all the benefits now with BFG, it’s a totally different opportunity. It’s a better, bigger opportunity, without a doubt.

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BELFOR Franchise Group Announces Acquisition Of redbox+ Dumpsters 

Redbox+ Dumpsters becomes 11th brand to join largest residential and commercial services franchise group

redbox+ with belfor franchise group

BELFOR Franchise Group, the world’s largest residential and commercial services franchise group, today announced its acquisition of redbox+ Dumpsters, a leading waste management solutions company that offers the industry’s only combination dumpster roll-off and portable toilet containers for rent for commercial, industrial, and residential project job sites. The acquisition allows BELFOR Franchise Group to continue to strengthen and expand its overall service offerings through redbox+ Dumpsters’s innovative approach to waste management needs.

With nearly 300 franchise units nationwide, redbox+ Dumpsters’s patented 2-in-1 roll-off container comes with both a dumpster and a portable restroom. This unique offering provides construction, renovation, and restoration companies with a simple solution to keep their job sites clean and efficient. OSHA requires that toilets are provided for employees at all construction sites, which keeps redbox+ Dumpsters’s services in high demand. Current and future redbox+ Dumpsters franchise owners will benefit from the strong support team and systems at BFG, a division of BELFOR Property Restoration (BELFOR), the world’s largest disaster restoration company.

“We are thrilled to welcome redbox+ Dumpsters to the BELFOR Franchise Group family,” said Sheldon Yellen, CEO of BELFOR. “Redbox+ Dumpsters’s one-of-a-kind combination system – and the cost-savings it provides – has attracted contractors for over a decade. We’re proud to have been chosen by redbox+ Dumpsters as the best partner, especially considering how well their core offerings complement the array of services our other brands provide. The addition of redbox+ Dumpsters strengthens our growing portfolio of industry-leading home services franchises by enabling us to meet the needs of even more customers and better serve the communities that need us most.”

A niche growing franchise

Across the country, redbox+ Dumpsters currently operates thousands of roll-off trucks and containers, hauling thousands of tons of waste daily for its customers. In addition to the 2-in-1 roll-off container, redbox+ Dumpsters also offers 20-, 30- and 40-yard containers, as well as a smaller, 10-yard container for consumer DIY and waste removal projects.

“Redbox+ Dumpsters offers a unique opportunity for franchisees interested in growing a business in a niche, in-demand industry,” said Patrick Kiessling, President of redbox+ Dumpsters. “I have witnessed the evolution of the waste management industry over the past 10 years and truly see the value in franchising. This is why I am proud to join forces with BELFOR Franchise Group. Having the backing of respected industry leaders at BFG and BELFOR will help our current and future redbox+ Dumpsters franchisees meet and exceed their business goals.”

“It’s been both exciting and rewarding to lead redbox+ Dumpsters’s phenomenal growth in recent years. Our growth is fueled by our innovative offering and our passionate franchisees,” added exiting CEO Josh Skolnick. “Under the umbrella and stewardship of the BELFOR Franchise Group, I’m confident the future for redbox+ Dumpsters is brighter than ever.”

Click here to learn more about this acquisition featured in DBusiness Magazine or View PDF

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